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PSD To WordPress Conversion: Competitive Advantages PSD to Word press theme or template conversion is a straight forward technique. PSD designs are really useful and also are easy to use. Developers and web owners are choosing PSD to Word press conversion process as it build their website responsive, dynamic, SEO friendly and attractive. Steps to convert PSD into Word press Segmenting the Images The technique of slicing is typically done with the help of software for image editing such as Photoshop, which helps developer to come out with pixel perfect images for different sections such as header, footer, body, navigation, etc. All these sections are stored in a separate file and in different layer. PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion Since, PHD based file is not well-suited with WWW, it becomes crucial to change it into a markup language like HTML or CSS. This conversion validates to its browser friendliness as well as W3C standards, which makes website friendliness with multiple browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE and many more. When developers use CSS file it lets them to improve the look as well as functionality of a website which includes layout, colors and font customization of a website pages. Put together … Continue reading PSD TO WORDPRESS Conversion

PSD TO JOOMLA Conversion

Advantages of Seeking PSD to JOOMLA Conversion Companies It brings a constant rise in the demand of PSD to Joomla conversion so as to get a well hand coded HTML/XHTML/CSS severe mark-ups SEO friendly website. Below given is a useful tutorial which shows how to convert PSD format based web template to a custom Joomla theme or template. •    Segmenting of PSD file: Almost all the static web templates are used to get designed in Adobe PhotoShop and are saved in PSD format. Those PSD format image files need to slice more afterwards into multiple layers. •    Conversion of PSD to HTML: The PSD layers now needs to be coded with easy-to-understand, table less, clean SEO friendly PSD to HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-up languages. Captivatingly, this simplified extension of HTML – principal (X)HTML is the fundamental language which is mostly used to add user-friendliness and interactivity in PSD web template. •    XHTML to Joomla assimilation: Once, the PSD to HTML conversion gets over the (X)HTML to Joomla assimilation and customization comes into actual picture. Here, the brand new Joomla website gets ready within seconds. Everyone needs to follow the above mentioned steps for the PSD to Joomla conversion theme or template so … Continue reading PSD TO JOOMLA Conversion

PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD file is commonly supported by different image modes like Duotone, Indexed Color, Bitmap, Gray scale and CMYK. These are markup language code which can be easily realized by all type the browsers. In order to build an entire and proficient website, this conversion is really necessary. Usually, the web designers build various web templates that are usually stored in PSD formats and the web owners used to buy those files and change them to HTML code to make use of it. Considering that this technique is one of the best resources for web designers, conversion of PSD to HTML can be a significant question in everyone’s mind. This alteration format is becoming more and more popular in recent years since Photoshop permits the users to effortlessly design web templates and save them in psd files. PSD files are layers that are mainly used in designing a website and only when it gets converted to HTML, the web pages get fully optimized. In case anyone is not technically good enough, they can hire a professional service provider for this conversion since it could be a tiresome and a tricky task. Wrong coding can also slow down the loading time of … Continue reading PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD TO DRUPAL Conversion

Advantages of Hiring PSD To DRUPAL Service Providers The process of converting the design concept from PSD files into fully functional and unique Drupal theme right through HTML/XHTML/CSS mockup is not so easy. Let’s start about how to convert a PSD to Drupal which will make people learn how to transform PSD format files to Drupal theme. • First of all, open the Adobe Photo Shop based image design file known as PSD. • Select Slice tool in the main toolbar to start with slicing of a PSD format based image files into multi-layers. • After slicing of PSD, go to the IMAGE menu and select the mode to choose right color space (RGB/ CMYK). Now, select all sliced images and click to save. • Place images folder inside a same folder where theme files are located. • To start off with, one needs to open a new page to hand-code PSD to HTML/ XHTML/ CSS mark-up languages. • Save a page as ‘home.html’ once finish with coding. • Open a new page and save as ‘style.css’ to add CSS style sheet to the page. Add before the tag. • Add for div tag type in the body tags. • … Continue reading PSD TO DRUPAL Conversion

Magento Development and Magento Experts

Magento Customization India and Magento development India software was launched in March, 2008 and is currently widely used as an open source content management system particularly for e-commerce website. It was originally developed by Varien Inc. which is US private company holding its headquarters at California. Magento is based on MySQL database management system, programming language PHP, some elements from Zend framework and also applies architecture of Object oriented programming (OOP) language and model- view- controller. For storing data Magento uses entity – attribute- value model.  With this heavily weighted technical terminology, it is very sure that working on Magento requires proper experts with adequate knowledge and software skills. Hence Magento development India has a panel of experts working on the development of desired website and web contents. Magento Customization India has team of experts who are very much experienced with the several features provided by the software. They could work on these features to create a magic on the websites. Magento features could be very broadly categorized as themes, modules and integration.  Magento themes help in complete customising with help of adding or editing the internal programming from PHP, CSS or HTML. With help of features of modules in … Continue reading Magento Development and Magento Experts

Benefits of Hiring Word Press Customization Services

One of the most sought after, most popular, and most widely acclaimed CMS platforms for playing your mind freely on the web, and designing your website is undoubtedly Word press. It need not be proven afresh again, that is the best platform when it comes to easy open ability, lots of plugins, customization facilities, and has an interface, which any novice can handle with ease, and any pro would find comfort to deal with. Hence, it is the most often chosen platform, which can actually suit any business, e-commerce, portfolio, gallery, news, blog, animation etc. type of sites. Help with Word press customization When dealing with Word press however, you often look for customization, so that your site looks a little different, and has a look of its own. The main challenge that lies in the task is the proper customization, which can modify the common and most popularly applied Word press themes to something completely new with a totally fresh look. As a new user, you would definitely not have that expertise, time, knowledge and know-how to do this, and hence you will have to rely on the developers and designers, who can play with the platform on their … Continue reading Benefits of Hiring Word Press Customization Services

Choose Best Responsive Web Design Company India for Effective Marketing

Website designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are many novices, who love trying their hand on designing, and try some free tutorials, and some paid too. But when you are just experimenting, you are not destined to get the best. When you need the best, and you are preparing a site for professional work, for launching your business online, or for showcasing your artwork, or blogs in a really stylish, creative, and nice way, then you will always need the assistance of the professional web developers, who will be able to deliver you their creativity at its best. Why you need help from the developers It’s not just the look of a site that matters. There are several examples of sites, which were being attempted to play animations, flash images etc. But often due to poor bank-end programming the scripts gets heavy and sites takes forever to load completely. Even there are sites which are really nice looking, and have some nice functionality, but take a lot of bandwidth to fully function, and people with lower speed internet connections can’t enjoy such sites. It simply means that with the look, there has to be some great engineering done … Continue reading Choose Best Responsive Web Design Company India for Effective Marketing

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